Founded in 2020

The House of Revolution, founded in 2020, is a safe space for writers and creatives to share their content. We aim to provide a platform for up and coming writers, illustrators and original content creators to showcase their talent. 

It started with a simple idea; a place to host the amazing creativity of women across the world. From here, The House of Revolution was born. It’s founders Jilly Ballantyne and Emma Auld have an array of experience with content collation, in both creative and factual writing, alongside video and radio content. 

Women should have a place to come together and celebrate their incredible selves, and hopefully this is the place for you! The House of Revolution might provide answers, leave you with questions or even just make you think. If you’ve done any of the above on our website, we’ve done our job! 

We’re always on the lookout for new contributors to join our community, so why not contact us below.