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Emma malcolmson

Amy Claire shearer

Regular Contributor

Regular Contributor

Emma likes to pretend that she is a very quiet and reserved person. But, people who believe that also believe in the flat earth theory.


You will truly never meet anyone else like Emma Malcolmson - she is a once in a lifetime sort of friend. If you looked up 'always up for a laugh and will encourage you to purchase that ASOS haul' in the dictionary, you would see Emma's gorge face with her iconic winged liner staring back. This natural blonde hates jeans almost as much as she hates herself for not asking Jodie Comer for a selfie in a tiny Dublin pub.


She is a red wine drinking, dog loving, Dr Marten wearing, TikTok Queen who will be starting a journalism Masters in September (probably just to get more SAAS to spend on holidays, pints and clothes).


Her BA (Hons) degree in Journalism & Creative Writing with English Literature will be arriving by email this summer thanks to Miss Rona. However, she'll probably be too busy taking photos of her dog Skye or booking another holiday to check her results.


When Emma isn't tweeting her every thought, posting an Instagram selfie or playing  basketball with her boyfriend - Troy Bolton; she can be found singing karaoke with locals on a sunny holiday abroad or terrorising pub bouncers with her antics.


Everyone needs an Emma. She'll be the first person to say she'll go get a new tattoo or piercing with you; she's the first on the dancefloor; she gives the best outfit advice and she knows how to inject fun into every situation. Regardless of whether you're together walking down Sauchiehall Street or visiting a European city together, you just know you'll have the best time being in her company.

Amy was once called “beautiful” by the iconic Joanna Lumley and we know Joanna has the finest of taste. She is the total definition of Girl Boss.


A lipstick loving, self-professed oniochalasia sufferer (purchasing things as a form of mental relaxation), Amy has just currently started her new job as a full-time journalist.


She is part of the ill-fated class of Covid-19 and is graduating online this summer with a BA (Hons) degree in Journalism & Creative Writing with English Literature. When Amy isn’t conquering the writing world, one article at a time, she will most likely be found in an airport wearing the most extravagant fur coat, a beret, cat-eye sunglasses with a flute in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other, jetting to whichever location caught her eye that month on Skyscanner.


Amy is your go-to for anything pop-culture and would be able to tell you what colour of pants Posh Spice had on at Brits in 1996.


She is one of the best friends you could ever have in the world and will ALWAYS tell you what you need to hear and not just what want you want to hear. Her favourite things in the world include: shopping, using her hairbrush as a mic on a night out, Cher and slaying Halloween costumes.

Emma - Co Founder

Emma Auld


Emma Auld is a triple threat. A writer, a thinker and an excellent Christina Aguilera impressionist. Whether she’s defending women’s productive rights, equal pay or fighting catcalling, she has a passion that cannot be ignored. She has a degree in Digital Media, but she couldn’t stop there, so she’s now about to complete her Masters in Publishing. 


In her free time, she enjoys listening to Beyoncé, reading erotica and drinking far too much Coke Zero. As Jaime Private School Girl once said, ‘Don’t touch my Coke Zero.’ 


She’s an excellent writer, often taking difficult subjects and giving them a whole new light. She’s also an excellent friend, quick to make anyone laugh, even in the worst of situations.


Her favourite things in the world include: her three cats, BBC dramas, chicken schnitty, ASOS and 50 Shades of Grey.

Jilly - Co Founder

Jilly Ballantyne


Jilly was once described as a “shining light” by Michael Scott, manager of Dunder Mifflin. 


She is our wonder woman, working as a digital media marketing executive who spends her days off: watching US sitcoms, reading, pole dancing and doing the odd bit of yoga. 


Jilly is a writer (she even has a fancy Master’s degree to prove it - somewhere in her house) who encourages women to write with no boundaries. 


She is a cat lover, a loving friend and an avid fan of talking far too much. However, she’s the friend you call when you need help with a tricky situation, the reliable one and always there for every single one of her friends. 


Her favourite things in the world include: the colour yellow, Post Malone, doing Australian accents, tequila and Mexican food. 


hattie alders

kerry fleming

Social Media Executive

Hattie has been described as something of a ‘manic pixie dream girl’ which, regrettably, she can’t wholeheartedly disagree with – whether it’s the vintage clothing or the shyness or the jokes about her own mental illness, it’s kind of true. Currently at university she’s completing a degree in English Literature and trying to survive all the pressures of being a modern girl in an overly hectic world. 

More than once there has been the discussion of her being ‘too nice’, Hattie is a little bit too amiable all the time. She is willing to do everything for everyone regardless of who they are.

When she’s not reading books and discussing human rights issues, she can be found taking excessively long mental health walks or shutting herself in the kitchen and baking to her hearts content. 

Social Media Executive

Kerry is a designer and illustrator based in Scotland. Recently graduated from the University of Dundee studying Illustration, she loves to be working on multiple creative projects at once - her work at House of Revolution is just one of them!

She also does freelance illustration, writes a blog of her own and is working on brushing up her graphic design skills.


In a rare moment when she isn't working on her creations, she loves to write in her journal, binge watch Korean dramas and pretend she can read tarot.


Her favourite things in the world include: The film The Sound of Music, making obscurely themed playlists and Flamin Hot Monster Munch. 


laura harris

Social Media Executive

Laura is a 22 year old theatre maker/performer/director, from Kent.


She is an avid tea and coffee drinker and also vegan. She is a virgo and reads tarot cards for fun.


She sings and enjoys a good ol boogie with friends🌱🍹💃🌜