Comparison | Megan Elliott

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Comparison is a monster 

A man-made fabrication 

A myth designed 

To keep us in a heady state of


Reaching for the next product

That promises salvation

It breeds starvation and 

Feeds off the stench of 


Comparison is a losing game

In which we are vein 

For wanting to win 

And failures if we don’t play 

Hard enough

Don’t forget that it was made this way 

To trap us in a cycle of shame

Where we are easier to manipulate 

Into smaller, more manageable shapes

Comparison was made to keep us tamed 

Megan Preston Elliott


Instagram: @wordsbymeganpreston

I am a poet, sculptor, writer and founder of Assemblage Magazine, an art magazine run by artists for artists. I have published online and in print in several magazines including Brenda Magazine and F*EMS Zine. My poem ‘New Skin’ was selected for inclusion in New River Press’ anthology ‘SMEAR: Expanded Reissue’. I have a degree in Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School, where I was awarded a prize for my writing by Art Monthly magazine. I am a queer, femme, cis-woman who also loves yoga, dogs, podcasts, gigs & going to therapy.” 

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