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(Me)lanin is not your adversity | Radhika Manek

I sit anguished and confused

Having grown up in a world

Where wearing melanin invites abuse.

My own mother for one

Struggling always with the loaded gun

of narrow minded crows.

Mind-numbingly battling their talk on colour

Staying strong in the face of adversity

whilst they spit poisonous flames

endorsing how ‘fair is lovely’

whilst belittling dark as empty..

Sorry but what is that?

Speechless, helpless, but no longer – not anymore

Its starts with Me. You. Us.

A challenge to our community.

Who determines which flower blooms better

When she stars themselves favour to rest against the night sky-


Speak up. Speak out.

Spark those conversations close to home.


Radhika Manek

She/ Her


Stitching words into poetry to see the world through a different lens with the hope that my writing can empower others and help shine a light on issues close to heart.

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