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Much More Than A ■ | Radhika Manek

A match is struck

A fire returns

Flames have ignited

and burns within.

The colour of our skin

Cannot be changed

Chosen, selected or exchanged.

We’re more than this ■

But a movement of lasting change

Layers of history, outrage, prejudice

Rages along our veins.

Outwards we may look different

But inside, our blood all runs the same.

The air is bristling

Simmer with fear

Injustice, pain unnecessarily unfair

History spools an ongoing story

Repeating itself in a sorry affair.

This running current needs to end

Privilege put in its place.

Don’t choke on words

enabling silence to vindicate

But educate, learn, write that email to Boris,

my MP

Make them show face.

I will rise and stand in solidarity

Make my voice heard

Our weapon of truth

No more swallowing sentiment

No more silence. No more suffocation.

No more. Let’s be the change we want to see – now.


Radhika Manek

She/ Her


Stitching words into poetry to see the world through a different lens with the hope that my writing can empower others and help shine a light on issues close to heart.

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