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My Melanin | Sarah Mary

Why do you label me with those eyes?

Don’t you know that I am that bold, strong grounded queen?

This world attacks, always comes with those lies

But YOUR eyes, they are just mean!

Close them, clean it.

Change the way you look at me, maybe you will love the colour of my skin.


Black, it’s the true diamond

Sweeter than berry

Tastier than your average juice.

Respect the colour of my skin

Then maybe your eyes can be clean.


SarahMary - APoetWithAVoice


Instagram: @salientvoice

“A young poet, London based with a crazy love for elephants. The meaning behind my stage name is unique to me and finding my voice within society is something i know I will constantly have to do. I have come to understand for myself that my voice matters, my opinion is important and my outlook on life is valid. I am aware that it may not necessarily be the same for others which I respect. I hope every word and sentence I intentionally use inspires, moves, captivates and influences you in a way that inspires you to also own your voice.”

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