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Valentine's Special Role Reversal | Iram

Please note that the following story does include graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised and we recommend this story to readers who are aged 16 and over.


It was 14th February today which meant it was Valentine’s Day.

Ivy never bothered celebrating before she met Felix since she thought it was an exaggerated day for couples to throw their love for one another in single people’s faces. It was also a day based on consumerism, to spend large sums of money on cliché gifts.

But when she met Felix four years ago, they celebrated it for the first time and she realised it was actually nice to be cherished. He usually treated her as a wonderful girlfriend but a day of extra affection didn’t harm anyone. That’s how she came to change her opinion.

Over the last three Valentine’s days, they had gone on dates to cute cafes and restaurants, watched a movie at a vintage cinema, and even got a chance to go on holiday to Spain which would’ve been ideal this time around too.

However, It was lockdown this year which meant they were stuck indoors and Ivy wanted to reverse their roles by organising their fourth Valentine’s Day. She had told Felix to relax and look forward to the surprise she had in store.

This morning she had woken up a little earlier than Felix to change into a sexy outfit.

Ivy was in the bathroom pulling her lace red thong over her tanned legs which matched the red cut out bra she wore. It had a sweetheart neck which pushed her breasts upwards to look more delectable so Felix couldn’t resist.

For the finishing touches, she rolled up her white knee-high stockings with red satin bows at the top and added a little shade of red lipstick on. She looked in the mirror to quickly run her fingers through her dark hair and smirked. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her.

She had arranged a small breakfast for them already which probably wouldn’t be touched when he saw her. From the kitchen, she carried the tray of coffee and french pastries into the bedroom where Felix was stretching, his broad back tensing and relaxing with the movement as he shook his hair out of his face to wake up.

“Hey babe,” he said, voice a little rough as his sea-blue eyes looked up at her.

Slowly he bit his lip as he took in her whole body, eyes settling on the slight curves of her body up to her face which held a smile.

“Fuck me” he swore, pushing the blankets away, his fingers nearly skimming her body as he tried to reach out to her.

“Morning baby” Ivy replied happily, she gestured to the tray in her hands as she put it down on the cupboard. “I got us some breakfast for later.”

“Later?” Felix questioned vaguely, still mesmerised by the surprise outfit.

Ivy laughed at his expression, enjoying the attention. “Yes later, first I want you for breakfast,” she said with a wink and grabbed the rope she had left on the shelf.

Felix’s eyes widened, he was usually the dominant one tying up Ivy in different positions and fucking her hard but he enjoyed the few times she took control of him.

Felix relaxed his body down on the bed, kicking away the entire blanket and laid on the mattress with a cocky look. “This is a sexy Valentine’s treat, I should’ve expected this from you.”

Ivy didn’t say anything as she climbed the bed, moving up his thick thighs to give him a deep kiss before settling on his hips right on top of his hard cock. She leaned forward so her full breasts were in his face.

“Put your hands up so I can tie them to the headboard” she demanded softly and he obeyed.

Felix tried to be cheeky and moved his head forward to lick her hard nipples through her bra making Ivy moan out loud. She decided to punish him by rubbing her wet pussy against him, the sensation of his dick pressed against her made her want to push it inside her but she resisted. Thankfully she was wearing her thong which made it easier.

Once his hands were bound, she moved her face down to bite his lip as her hand moved to the nape of his neck, grabbing his hair to tug on lightly, “listen to me or I’ll punish you, okay?”

It was his turn to groan as he nodded his head obediently. To reward him, she started kissing from his jaw down to his neck as she knew those were his soft spots. His body tensed underneath her as she started scrapping her teeth against his skin, licking and sucking to claim him as hers. They both enjoyed leaving marks on one another as a reminder whenever they were changing or saw their reflections in the mirror.

She trailed her hot mouth down his body, leaving marks on his pecs, kissing down his stomach until she leaned back on her knees and finally took his swollen cock in her hands. There was precum leaking from the top, she smoothed it over the head with her thumb before slowly moving her fingers up and down watching Felix’s expressions as he bit his lip hard and closed his eyes.

She wanted to push him over the edge but not before teasing him until he was begging, she used her other hand to cover his whole length moving them up and down faster as his legs started to shake a little.

“Babe,” he moaned. “Slow down.”

She continued to go faster purposely. “You forgot to say something cheeky.”

He looked at her, pleasure filling his face as he breathed heavily close to his orgasm. “Please Ivy...slower,” he begged, pausing in between.

Ivy stopped altogether making him look up at her, his eyes telling her to continue without him needing to say it.

She ducked down and took his cock into her mouth, inch by inch feeling it fill her mouth until it hit the back of her throat and repeated the movement. “Oh my god,” Felix exclaimed as his head dropped against the pillows.

She continued, loving the sensation of having Felix’s cock in her mouth knowing how much he enjoyed it making her want to do it even more. The feeling of her lips getting swollen with every thrust made it sexier. He started to move his hips in line with her mouth, making her gag on it until she had to stop, tasting the slightly salty tang of his cum.

Ivy had to catch her breath for a few seconds before she reached just under the bed where there was a small box. “Here’s one of your presents baby,” she said.

She opened the box and took out the small vibrating cock ring she bought. They had a whole box of toys but this is one that they didn’t have and could both enjoy together.

Felix smiled, a mix of cockiness and happiness. “I thought we have enough toys after all these years, ay?” He questioned teasingly raising his brows as if to call her a horny chick.

“You know I can’t resist plus we don’t have this,” she counteracted with an innocent look. She picked up the ring and softly pushed it down his length.

“Is that comfy?” She asked to check and he nodded, she turned the vibrations on and he jumped slightly, groaning as the pleasure shot through his body.

Ivy wanted to join in the fun, she got up and stripped out of the lingerie but left the stockings on. She repositioned herself on top of him, grabbing his cock to rub against her wetness, feeling the hard length against her clit making her back arch. She slowly pushed her body down, taking him in. Both of them moaned at the same time feeling her muscles tightening around him and finally the vibrations against her pussy made her moan even louder.

They both started moving in rhythm as she rode him, feeling him thrusting upwards every time she moved down. Their heavy breaths filled the room as they fucked, her hands moved up to his shoulders as she leaned in to kiss him, his lips against hers muffled her loudness.

Both of them were close as they moved faster.

“I’m cumming,” Felix said breathlessly and Ivy felt the same, the sensations inside her body building as her legs started to tense going numb. She felt Felix’s cum fill her up as she collapsed onto his body, feeling her muscles tighten around his dick.

Neither of them moved for a few seconds until Ivy realised that his hands were still tied up and she wanted a cuddle, she quickly undid them and gave him a kiss. Felix shook his head as he laughed lightly, “you’re crazy” he exclaimed with a small smile on his face.

“That’s what you call a good morning,” she said cockily as they cuddled and looked forward to the rest of the day.




"Hi! My name is Iram and I’m a typical chick who loves writing all types of content from steamy romantic scenes to dystopian themed stories, along with blogs on feminism, technology, and travelling."

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