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Welcome to The House of Revolution.

Well, today’s the day! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get The House of Revolution up and running and our launch has finally arrived. We thought we’d take this opportunity to welcome you to our community and let you know about our journey to get here. It started, like most things, with an idea. We’d both spent time separately and together working on creative projects revolving around feminism and the world of writing. It became clear that we wanted to help empower other female creatives and find a way to showcase the talents of writers, artists and creatives that we’d encountered along the way. It was here that The House of Revolution was born. We knew that we could offer a platform for people just like us, who didn’t quite know where or how to show our work to our peers. Making a personal website isn’t for everyone and submitting work to certain magazines and sites proved to be intimidating and clinical. Our aim was to provide a home for creatives alike, where they could share content with likeminded people and have fun while doing it. We wanted nothing more than to give women the voice they deserved. And here we are. Today, you’ll find an array of content on our site which has been carefully curated for you to enjoy. This is just the beginning. So, welcome to the House of Revolution and please make yourself at home.

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