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Young Women Against Yet | Amy Claire Shearer

There’s a common misconception that smallness is not synonymous with strength.

So many have come to the consensus that something miniature holds no importance and doesn’t affect the way we feel or think.

To that, oh prejudiced ones, I present…

Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Ariana Grande.

All measuring in at a mere 5ft each, these pint-sized pop POWERHOUSES who were Born This Way, are Red Blooded Women and Successful are proof that small things can indeed pack a punch.

Which is why when I’m met with questions using one particularly dreaded three letter word, fuelled by societal expectation, inherently biased belief and light browbeating, I feel like someone has just kicked me in the stomach with this season’s must-have - the chunky soled boot.

That word?


Of course, there are occasions where I too use this three-letter adverb to seek out important information, such as:

Has Nicola Sturgeon told us when pubs will open yet?

Do we have a UK date for the airing of the new season of POSE yet?

Have you had your vaccine yet?

However, when this word is used by a distant relative, former colleague or elderly family friend, they’re not interested in when they can get their fix of Billy Porter in all his fabulous, glittering glory.

Instead, they want to know when they can scoff wedding cake at my nuptials to the partner I’ve yet to meet.

In true Sophia Petrillo style, picture it– a Christmas party night in a social club that sells double vodkas for £3.50.

I’m vibing to the tunes, sweating my ass off after the DJ played Proud Mary then C’est La Vie back to back, cooling down with a ‘secco in hand. I’ve finally rubbed off the Rimmel Heather Shimmer lippy stain an older family friend made on my cheek when suddenly the culprit herself, between sips of her vodka spiked with Diet Coke, pipes up - “So do you have a boyfriend yet, Amy?”

Because, is it really a celebration of Jesus’ birthday without justifying your singledom to a shimmery lipped 60-something?

This lady is a good soul. She sends you to the bar for the round, tells you to keep the change and also finds it thrilling to be drinking Tequila Rose with the youngsters.

But, she along with many others are still of the opinion that coupledom is the ultimate goal and life isn’t worth living unless you’ve a man to share it with.

Despite having an exciting and fulfilling existence, she assumes I’m in a transient state and long for someone above to roll the dice and move me onto the next square of life. I’m reduced to a mere board game counter that’s restricted to the same path every plastic disc before mine has ventured on. Oh, and when I finally land a relationship, society will be frantically attempting to roll a lucky six to slide me to the pregnancy square.

We’ve been conditioned to believe we should be actively pursuing coupledom for a fulfilling existence.

I’m single.

And shock horror - I’m happy.

So why in 2021 is enjoying my unparalleled freedom, independence and a ‘serves two’ dish on my own still deemed a failure by many – including this M&S wearing, red wine drinking, older lady?

Oh, who by the way, has been single since 1994.


Amy Claire Shearer


Instagram: @amy_claireee

Twitter: @amy_claireee

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